Patient Care Assistant SPU/PAT

  • Darby, Pennsylvania

Employment Type

: Full-Time


: Miscellaneous

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* Job Description Summary
Under direct supervision from the Professional Care Provider, performs
specific duties to provide personal health care, clinical service and
comfort to patients and families in accordance with the Mission and
Values of Trinity Health System Mercy Catholic Medical Center. Greets
and directs patients, visitors and hospital personnel. Participates in
unit-specific efforts to improve patient, colleague, and physician
satisfaction survey scores. Answers phone, directs callers
appropriately or takes message. Collects, organizes, and assembles
patient medical information.
* Adheres to Corporate Compliance Guidelines
Understands and abides by HIPPA privacy and security laws and
regulations. Observes all applicable federal, state and local laws and
regulations. Observes all Trinity Health System Mercy Catholic Medical
Center and applicable subsidiary policies and procedures including the
Code of Conduct. Observes Trinity Health System Mercy Catholic Medical
Center Corporate Compliance policy by reporting any concerns about
compliance or business practices to his or her immediate supervisor,
appropriate management, Corporate Compliance Officer or Compliance
Hotline. Completes compliance related education
* Demonstrates knowledge and compliance with Hospital Safety and
Infection Control policies as required by OSHA and the patient
Safety Program.
Consistently demonstrates knowledge if universal precautions,
isolation procedures, and other infection control measures. Provides a
safe environment for all patients, employees, and visitors. Identifies
safety problems encountered during the course work that if corrected
may result in the prevention of accident/injury to patients, employees
and visitors and reports problems to appropriate supervisor or the
Patient Safety Hotline. Adheres to System, Hospital and
Department-specific safety programs.
Medical / health care error reporting.
Aware of sentinel events definition and reporting procedure.
Completes annual patient safety fair training.
* Adheres to all Mercy Health System Policies and Procedures
Fully understands and complies Seeks information and clarity when
unsure Performance Improvement
Participates constructively in PI activities in the department
Can discuss performance improvement activities for the department.
Contributes ideas for cost reductions, improved efficiency and
outcomes without sacrificing quality.
Maintains awareness of cost containment and waste reduction practices.
Maintains and uses material, supplies and equipment in a
cost-effective manner.
Encourages and contributes innovative ideas and ways of doing things
that increase efficiencies by challenging oneself and others to not
accept the status quo
Recommends changes to policies, procedures and environment to enhance
everyone's ability to provide optimum service to all patients,
visitors and employees. Demonstrates understanding of PDSA (plan, do,
study, act.) process and Just Culture. Keeps abreast of regulatory
requirements for assigned unit.
* Organizational and Departmental Policies and Procedures
Actively participates in staff meetings and/or committees on a regular
basis. Aware of access to policies on the Trinity Health System
intranet, HRHQ (i.e., Administrative Manual, HR policies, etc.) Seeks
information and clarity when unsure of policy prior to initiating
procedure. Reports any signs of impairment, suspicious behavior or
diversion of drugs to supervisor promptly. Ensures that all equipment
is in proper working order, and takes malfunctioning equipment out of
service. Reports malfunctions promptly. Maintains a safe, neat clutter
free work environment. Assumes ownership of cleanliness and neatness
of work area and throughout the organization. Reports errors,
environmental hazards and injuries to supervisor promptly. Seeks to
resolve conflicts in a respectful way. Fully shares information that
people need to do their job. Expresses ideas, opinions and reactions
constructively. Reports disruptive clinician behavior in support of
""Zero Tolerance"" of disruptive behavior. Supports non-retaliation
for reporting disruptive behaviors. Participates in continuing
education and shows initiative for self-development and documents
appropriately. Maintains licensure/certification if applicable.
Supports the orientation process.
* Medical Record Maintenance
Assembles and maintains patient charts in the prescribed order per
chart order throughout the hospital stay. Reviews chart for:
Correct order, correct chart, Forms with all PLUE labels, and
Forms from FormFast.
Files labs and reports in the correct patient record.
Prints appropriate forms from FormFast such as consult sheets and
pre-op checklists.
Verifies name of primary care physician and patient s home phone
number with the patient, and corrects on face sheet as necessary.
Generates Meditech reports as directed by Patient Care Manager.
Enters written orders into the electronic medical record as
necessary, and documents date, time and signature on order sheet
* Unit Hospitality/Service Excellence Ambassador
Greets and directs patients, visitors and hospital personnel.
Participates in unit-specific efforts to improve patient, colleague,
and physician satisfaction survey scores. Answers phone, directs
callers appropriately or takes message. Participates in Service
Excellence Committee meetings as requested. Assists with the admission
process as designated by the Patient Care Manager, including
inspecting patient s room prior to arrival to ensure that it is ready
for patient.
* Department Process
Completes admission according to policy (room setup, vital signs,
orientation, etc.). Prioritizes and organizes work assignment and
adjusts priorities based on changing situations in conjunction with
licensed nursing personnel. Completes work within assigned time frame.
Monitors patient condition per policy. Recognizes and integrates
patient special needs and individualizes care Assumes accountability
for the delivery of patient care within the scope of nursing
assistant. Responsible for learning policies and nursing procedure
applicable to nursing assistants and communicates to others.
Demonstrates attributes necessary to function as a team member, i.e.
answers call lights promptly and courteously regardless of
""assignment"". Provides a climate conductive to educational
experiences for nursing students and new employees. Functions as a
preceptor when necessary. Utilizes the information management system
to enhance communication (i.e. Meditech). Communicates change in
patient's condition to all appropriate individuals. Communicates
transfer of patient responsibility (i.e. shift report guided by the
plan of care or any other pertinent documents, 1:1/close observation/
hand-off communication). Cooperates with all areas in the admission
and transfer of patients throughout the hospital to ensure efficiency.
Updates licensed nursing staff on a regular basis throughout shift.
Maintains fall risk precautions/interventions. Runs errands if needed
* Materials and Supplies
Receives orders verbally or in writing for supplies necessary for unit
operations. Submits orders through system(s) as required. Ensures that
an adequate supply of materials and supplies as assigned are readily
available for unit use. Receives supply or material order and
distribute or store as required. Retrieves medical record information
from the pneumatic tube system. Participates in stocking and
maintenance of PPE in isolation stations.
* Clinical Functions
Participates in patient rounding as directed. Answers call bells in
person. Assists patients in completing dietary selections. Distributes
ice and water to patients as directed. Performs 1:1 patient
observation as assigned/needed within a specific area of care
* Communication
Receives requests from patients, colleagues, physicians, families,
etc. and responds appropriately. (Contact nursing staff; seek
assistance from other colleagues, utilizing Charge Nurse, Clinical
Care Supervisor, or Patient Care Manager as appropriate). Pages and/or
locates physicians and other personnel upon request. Notifies RN when
patient is called for OR or test. Informs RN of ""stat"" orders
immediately if/when notified by physician. Participates in the
orientation of new colleagues as directed by the Patient Care Manager
or Educator. Participates in the report and hand-off process with
nursing staff obtaining periodic updates throughout the day. Checks
fax machine for missed laboratory specimen reports and places them in
designated log book. Receives and/or reviews all written, verbal and
electronic communication posted, and responds appropriately, including
following new procedures and protocols. Notifies appropriate physician
or colleague of receipt of faxed communication. Manage and facilitates
faxed information as needed.
* Patient Discharge Function
Works collaboratively with Clinical Care Supervisor to facilitate
patient discharges as requested. Obtain patient signature on 2nd
notice of ""Important Message from Medicare."" Ensures that Discharge
Postcard is on the patient chart for the RN to complete at the time of
discharge. Completes follow up phone calls for discharged patients and
assists in the process of making post discharge appointments with
appropriate physician offices. Faxes copy of discharge instruction to
primary care physician office. Assists with arrangements for home care
and equipment needed for home care as directed by care transition
nurses. Facilitates patient discharge and obtains services to expedite
discharge under the direction of the caregiver. Facilitates
transportation services (such as van services).
* Administrative Duties
Assists with staffing needs by willingly accepting reassignments to
other patient care areas. Attends unit meetings and assigned
in-services as evidenced by attendance sheet and individual education
file. Performs other duties as directed by Patient Care Manager.
* Emergency Response
Maintains BCLS/CPR Recognizes changes in patient condition & responds
appropriately. Functions in Nursing Assistant role with the
resuscitation team:
Locates and transports crash cart and defibrillator to site.
Properly uses bag-valve-mask resuscitator (adult, geriatric).
Functions calmly and efficiently in an emergency situation. Assists in
transition to next level of care. Demonstrates proficiency in end of
life policies (i.e.; DNR, Organ Donation/Gift of Life). Makes rounds
on all patients during emergency Relocates other patients (when
possible) and family members during emergency.
* Safety/Infection Control
Utilizes good body mechanics when lifting, pushing or pulling patients
or objects Disposes of linen and trash appropriately. Assures linen
hampers are emptied prior to end of shift and as needed. Able to
locate and demonstrate appropriate use of safety equipment:
- Gloves -- latex and latex free
- Masks/eye shields
- Gowns Transports lab specimens directly to lab maintaining
blood/body fluid precautions -- documents specimen in log book in lab
Participate in the management of medications process by:
- Storing procedure trays containing medications in a locked/secured
- Maintaining integrity of ""double wrapped"" packaging on procedure
trays containing medications.
- When accessing and delivering procedure trays containing
medications, observes proper security requirements. Adheres to
infection control standards specific to patient care. Maintains
isolation precautions where indicated;
- Identifies specific isolation precautions in use (airborne, droplet,
contact) and specific techniques required (gowns, mask - surgical vs.
HEPA, gloves)
- Disposes of supplies appropriately -- used and unused Empties bed
pans, urinals, bedside commodes on ongoing basis. Does restraints and
attempts alternatives appropriately including least restrictive
measures. Utilizes bed/chair alarms appropriately. Takes patient
injury prevention measures. Maintains risk precautions/interventions.
Prevents, recognizes and reports abuse. Recognizes and identifies
changes related to aging that may decrease wound healing ability, i.e.
frail skin, decreased nutritional status, musculoskeletal changes,
multiple comorbidities, sensory changes, etc., and adjusts
interventions based on identified: Decreases use of tape on frail skin
Special care when removing dressings and adhesives
* Patient Care Assistant Competence
Performs hygiene/comfort measures including bath/shower, mouth care,
shaving etc. Assists the licensed nurse in monitoring/evaluation of
the patient (vital signs, intake and output, weighing). Collects lab
specimens and cultures according to nursing practice standards
(sputum, stool, urine, wound). Cares for an agitated/confused patient
by utilizing de-escalation techniques. Assists patients in activities
of daily living. Uses appropriate patient transfer techniques.
Maintains patient body alignment and positioning (assist with normal
range of motion, hip precautions, pressure relief of high risk areas:
heels, sacrum, scapula, hips, etc.) Maintains respiratory support
(checks flow rates of O2 nasal cannula, face masks, pulse oximetry,
incentive spirometry, replaces O2 removed by patient). Cares for and
maintains dignity of deceased patients (post mortem, medical
examiner/autopsy) Repositions patients every 2 hours or as needed to
maintain circulation and prevent pressure ulcers. Provides 1:1
suicide/close observation precautions as assigned. Never leaves
patient alone. Remains within arm's length. Reports any problems to RN
immediately. Monitors patient potential risk factors when performing
1:1 patient monitoring / close observation patient monitoring.
Performs Patient Care Assistant duties for patient(s) Interacts with
patient(s) during 1:1/close observation Responsible for all patient
comfort measures. Recognizes the signs and symptoms of stroke and
reports such to professional staff. Demonstrates essential knowledge
and skills in caring for the patient with a stroke. Participates in
Stroke related continuing education as assigned. Participates in CHF
related continuing education as assigned Care of patient in cast or
traction (monitors circulation, elevates extremity, etc.).
* Patient Care Assistant Skills
Measures and documents intake and output. Cares for and empties
urinary drainage bag. Applies and removes electronic compression
devices. Measures and applies antithrombolytic stockings. Handles
application of heat and cold. Cares for patient with IV fluids.
- Does not disconnect IV fluids.
- Reports to licensed nursing staff any site changes or repetitive
pump alarms. Performs ostomy bag care. Enemas (without medication)
Performs 12 lead EKG's. Prevents, recognizes and reports abuse.
Performs capillary blood glucose monitoring accurately and reports
results to RN/LPN in a timely manner. Appropriately uses pulse
oximeter (including reassuring that pulse ox is painless) Documents
care in Meditech Vital signs Intake and output Nutrition (meal intake
ADL's Weigh
* Education, Training and Experience:
* High School Graduate.
* Successful completion of a course or training for nurse aide.
* Nurse Assistant, Certification required (CNA)
* At least One year experience and/or enrolled in an accredited
school program with one year clinical completed.
* Able to assist with vital signs, transport patients, and
perform unit facilitator work as assigned.
* Other Requirements
* CPR certified
* Good communication skills, both oral and written.
* Total body motor coordination and dexterity required to
facilitate the performance of assigned responsibilities.
We provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and
applicants for employment and prohibit discrimination and harassment
of any type without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex,
national origin, disability status, genetics, protected veteran
status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any
other characteristic protected by federal, state or local laws.
This policy applies to all terms and conditions of employment,
including recruiting, hiring, placement, promotion, termination,
layoff, recall, transfer, leaves of absence, compensation and

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